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“Those we have held in our arms for a little while, we hold in our hearts forever.”

Rebecca Cotton - 20, Cape Cod, Massachusetts

We would love for you to meet our daughter, Rebecca Cotton, ’Becky’ as her family and friends call her.

Becky is a beautiful spirit who loves her family, has a smile that lights up a room, and whatever anyone needs, Becky is there...always. Her dream was to be a Marine Biologist since she was a little girl, her love for animals shows from the tiny lady bugs that sit on a window sill that she would gently carry to the outdoors to her precious cats and guinea pigs she has at home. We have a large blended family, Becky has her Mom and Dad, (Monna & Jim) a step-Mom (Lynn) and four sisters with many aunts and uncles, grandparents and cousins and nephew. Recently, Becky was diagnosed with Lafora Disease, Becky is 20 years old and has been getting progressively worse since she was first diagnosed with JME at the age of 17. Becky's first seizure was in August of 2007, though she had also begun to change since about 14 years of age. Her grades began to drop and her personality was changing. Becky also was very outgoing, loved family vacations in Maine and NH, canoeing, also cheerleading for her school and belonged to Mass. Maritime swim club. Those next years were so very hard, not knowing what was happening to our daughter. (we now believe she was having a lot of activity in her mind) because she would often complain that there was too much noise and she couldn’t concentrate and at some point around fifteen she had a lot of trouble waking up for school. It is very hard to know what you are seeing and it was put off as being clumsy, until the following summer when (the jerks) began to happen more frequently. We went to Children’s Hospital in Boston - her Neurologist became increasingly concerned, genetic testing was done as well as a skin biopsy.

Then we were told sadly, it was in fact Lafora. Even knowing the possibility that this could be the diagnosis, and the symptoms that we see in Becky a little more each day it was paralyzing to hear the words from her doctor. We will continue the fight to do what we can to help raise awareness of this horrific disease always knowing that Becky is surrounded by love, strength and hope from her family and friends.

Becky’s favorite saying is ’DREAM’ - and that is exactly what we are doing!

- Provided by Becky Cotton’s Parents

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